Commitment to Our Clients

We do everything possible to make our clients feel reassured that we are there for them. For many people, taking on litigation can be quite intimidating. That's why Francis E. O'Brien dedicated his practice to helping people face the courtroom with dignity and confidence, more than 30 years ago. Today, Daniel O'Brien and Stephen O'Brien are continuing their father's practice; walking people through the judicial system with care, just like their father. You can count on the law office of O'Brien and O'Brien to walk you through the system as well.

We consistently keep our clients informed and updated, and we spend a lot of time learning about them, their goals and their needs. It’s a one-on-one, personal approach that isn’t typical of many client-attorney relationships. We do not believe there should be a boilerplate process to working with our clients and solving their legal issues.
The law office of O'Brien and O'Brien are dedicated to going the extra mile for all clients. This is a personal Law firm, where the same attorney will be at your side throughout your entire court proceeding. That means you won't be "shuffled" around to other attorneys during your case, but rather, enjoy the confidence of a single attorney from start to finish. O'Brien and O'Brien is a diverse law firm, concentrating in five areas of practice: Criminal Law, Personal Injury, Family Law, Real Estate, and Wills, Trusts, & Estates. The attorney's at O'Brien and O'Brien know their way around a courthouse, and are dedicated to standing with their clients from the start of litigation to the finish.

For more than 30 years, the attorneys at O'Brien and O'Brien have been serving the people of Suffolk County, offering knowledge and experience to the support of thousands of cases. We appreciate your interest in O'Brien and O'Brien.


Commitment to Our Community

We believe that as lawyers we have a responsibility to serve not only our clients, but the community in which we work and live. O’Brien & O’Brien prides itself in being involved in the community—not just the bar associations, but community charities, organizations, and events. O’Brien & O’Brien has consistently devoted support to the community throughout its history.